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Updated October 16th, 2013


Consultant at clinics and institutions with responsibility for psychiatric assessment and treatment.


- Neurodevelopmental assessments of children and teens with ADHD and PPD / autism spectre disorders

- Pharmacological treatment evaluations

- Family focused patient contacts

- Medical certificates for various purposes

- Staff consultations



Bertil Jansson, M.D., specialist in

child and adolescent psychiatry

and pediatric medicine

in Sweden since 1991, Norway and Great Britain.


Earlier positions as senior consultant at the Clinic of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Uppsala University Hospital, and as senior consultant various psyhiatric inpatient and outpatient clinics in Sweden and Norway.


My experience and interest also include forensic psychiatry and neurologic habilitation.


Several years of managing experience, latest 2008 as head of the Psychiatric Division at Uppsala University Hospital.





Bertil Jansson Specialistläkare AB, Uppsala, Sweden


tel: +46 73 508 88 19




Специалист детской и подростковой психиатрии

   - говорю что-то по-русски





      ผมกำลังเรียนภาษาไทย มีบ้านอยูเมืองไทยด้วย


















The needs among children and




in schools, day-care-centres in habilitation centres, institutions for delinqent teenagers and

social services




The focus for professional support is the family and the environments where children and teenagers grow up - homes and schools. We can improve environments and circumstances for individual persons at home and in schools.


We can improve our own ways and attitudes when we meet and talk with children and teenagers at home and in schools.


Children and teenagers can learn new ways of meeting life. Some adolescents lives and future can depend on proper pharmacological treatment. But a child or teenager shall never be trained to accept an unacceptable environment or to take psychiatric medication because the environment is too demanding.


Therapeutic interventions based on family therapeutic concepts are often of good help to children, teenagers and their families. Our most effective way of helping is often by helping parents to help their children.


Children are good - read more here



Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


- psychiatry








tel: +46 73 508 88 19